Kink & Link (K&L) uniquely blends the features of the most popular social media & dating platforms into one revolutionized user friendly mobile application; modernizing the kink community and connecting people instantly. K&L allows members to create personalized profiles, specify and search for ideal matches, connect with friends and share photos similar to existing social media, in addition to our innovative promotional tactics. What we noticed when designing K&L and studying successful similar platforms, is that Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat in particular has become increasingly popular as a promotional tool, users utilize the application for an endless types of promotion, from at home exercise, sharing recipes, health & beauty tutorials, events and various types of entertainment. K&L provides members with a blended platform to socialize, promote and meet love interest. Our members are divided into two categories basic and Elite, which differ by various features and capabilities. One of the many capabilities that sets K&L apart, is how we promote and connect members. The K&L community ensures quality and feedback for its users by its two-way rating system, which is similar to Yelp’s review system. Users are asked to rate the the recipient on a scale from 1-5 stars and date the experience, and the recipient can rate their experience in return and validate their experience.

Kink & Link Features

  • Connect with the Kink Community
  • Meet local kinksters!
  • Search for talent by sending instant requests to models/entertainer
  • Socialize & meet new people near you
  • Background verification and other VIP features
  • Stay connected by sharing photos and videos
  • Instant Messaging

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